We provide management of the construction and its associated processes, as well as the wider project consultant team, in order to deliver a client’s objectives and ensure the success of any project.

Our involvement can be commissioned at any point in the construction or development processes, whether it be at the preliminary appraisal & feasibility stage, or post planning and through to construction and delivery.

Our approach is to help identify and manage risk early before it becomes an issue, and offer solutions and manage the resolution to problems should unforeseen problems arise.

Project Management is about leadership and creativity, as well as nurturing effective teamwork. To achieve this, we develop and learn to understand client briefs and help build project teams that can

respond with best practice solutions. We understand the needs of every stakeholder and we build and motivate teams all the while co-ordinating the work of the different contributors.

We help put together the right bespoke project delivery teams by using our relationships and knowledge of peer consultants and contractors, with our expertise to ensure the right people with the right background can advise.

Our Cost Managers provide independent and impartial advice in order to proactively manage construction costs, from initial feasibility to final account and to ensure best value for our clients.

To achieve this we develop an in-depth understanding of our client’s business goals, empowering their business decisions with our depth of construction knowledge.

We help manage all costs relating to building and development projects, from the initial calculations to the final figures. Our managers seek to minimise the costs of a project and enhance value for money, while still achieving the required standards and quality.

As part of our cost management role, we would also offer the preparation of tender documents, arrange contracts, agree accounts and valuations, as well as cost risk management, value engineering and earned value analysis services. All of these services help towards our overall aim, which is ultimately to ensure that a project is completed within budget.

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